Two Waterfalls

The other day I had a vision in which I saw two mighty waterfalls divided by a straight narrow bridge.

The top of the river before both waterfalls, was right at the level of the bridge deck if not slightly higher, possibly banister height.

The waters came right at the bridge and fell right at the edge of the bridge. As if it was going to overflow the bridge from both sides but stopped like three inches from both sides of the bridge. As if the water was about to sweep you right off the bridge drown me.

At first I was afraid to cross the bridge because of the waters. But that is when I saw God telling me to walk and not be afraid.

The vision means this: just like God divided the water for Moses and the children of Israel, God is going to part the waters and make a way.

Not only for me, but anyone who is willing to face their fears and walk across the bridge.

It is going to look to others as though you are walking on water. But it is God who is allowing you to walk on dry ground.

But just like Peter, we must step out of the boat and walk. Just like the Israelites had to get down off the cliff and walk across the narrow strip of dry land created by God.

It is written in God’s word that God will make a way where there is no way.

But in order to get anywhere, you need to face your fears head-on and trust in God’s power to save and to deliver you through every circumstance.

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