Colorful Rocks

I just had a dream. And in my dream I was in the park hiking. I Came Upon these really colorful rocks that were covering bright neon substance. Reds, Blues, yellows, and greens.

The Rocks were massive and they were by water. like a creek or stream or a small river.

Some even created ravines that you can walk through.

That’s when I heard a voice telling me to beware the color on the rocks. that the color on the Rocks was a mold, a deadly mold. God told me not even touch the rocks and if I already had to wash my hands and avoid touching my face or eyes.

Then I saw a news show where the anchor was saying that a deadly mold has been covering rocks all over the world. And that we were not to touch the rocks.

Most people were commenting on the mold how beautiful the colors were, but they didn’t really leave the rocks. They were still climbing on them.

God told me to leave the colorful rocks. Although I still stared at them from a distance to see what it was. The molds were bright green red and blue yellow. Pleasant to the eye, but deadly to the touch.

The mold didn’t kill you instantly, but if you didn’t wash it off in time, it would kill you. Especially if you touch your face and eyes.

Then I felt the Holy Spirit say “write this down and take note.”

The rocks are the Saints in the Living God. People.

The mold is false teachings, false beliefs, false attitude, and other various deadly substances and spiritual garbage.

They make the rocks look good. I E make people look good. they make the “saints” look good to each other in the world. but the mold is killing them and everyone around them.

The face represents our image. And your eyes represent our souls. If you touch the mold and touch your face and eyes it will get into your bloodstream and kill you.

God is saying, don’t be distracted by the bright colors of people’s lives. don’t be distracted by the beautiful appearance of people. but look deeper than the surface to see the truth.

He wants us to flee the colorful rocks and not even touch them. God is telling us not to have anything to do with these poisoned “Saints”.

These colorful rocks that look beautiful in the surface but are covered in a deadly mold that kills everything that touches them.

And if we have spiritually touch them, to go to the Holy Spirit, The Living Water, and wash your hands and our bodies, lest we get in our face and our eyes and be poisoned.

Don’t even try to clean the mold off the rocks. just leave and flee for your own health’s sake. this is a life-or-death matter.

Their life’s work.

Every Man’s work will be tested by fire.

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  1. Akhere
    April 19, 2020 at 4:05 pm

    Awesome revelation bless God. I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with the dream and the INTERPRETATION. Thanks for sharing.

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