Ministry Staff

Robert L Weaver | Keynote Speaker

Rob Weaver – President and CEO

Born March of 1979 to unwed parents, He was raised by his mother, with visitations to his dad’s house until the age of 11.

At 11 years old, circumstances caused him to have him to go live with his dad where he suffered emotional and physical abuse for 4 years.

At 15, he managed to get away from his abusive dad.

He was then raised by his aunt and her husband for the next two years.

At the age of 15, Rob was called to the ministry and as a prophet.

In 1998, he attended The Insitute of Ministry through Gospel Grusade in Herman, NY where he studied general ministry and obtained his Able Minister’s Diploma.

In 2008, he attended HACC where he majored in Phlebotomy.

While attending college, Rob was finally forced to deal with several issues he was trying to avoid after he was hurt by people in the church he was attending at the time.

This caused him to lose a lot of his faith resulting in a four and a half year period where he did several things he regrets.

This includes sleeping around with guys and girls.

When by God’s grace, he came to his senses, he went to counseling which God used to deliver him from that lifestyle.

In 2017, the LORD lead him to attend a small house church where he rededicated his life to the LORD.

They prepared Rob to step into the ministry he was called to do.

In April 2018, Rob officially launched Robert L Weaver Ministries, Inc., a nonprofit ministry that seeks to help others going through abuse, abuse survivors and those seeking the truth.

In December of 2018, He received his minister’s license from Christ for the Nations. In that same year, he also became a member of Christ for the Nations Fellowship of Ministries and Churches.

Since then, Rob has been traveling to churches, Bible studies, home groups and wherever God sends him sharing his testimony and whatever God puts on his heart.

Rob is the Pastor of a small house church.

He also travels to local organizations sharing his testimony, spreading God’s word and counseling those in need.

Rob’s first book, He Is Deeper Still, is currently available on and and iTunes.

Rob is a native of Lancaster County Pennsylvania where he currently resides in Ephrata, Pa with two dogs and three cats.

He is also a member of the Ephrata Cloister Toastmasters Club where he is currently serving as club President.

Doris Bender – Treasurer

Doris Bender is a quiet, soft spoken, middle-aged individual that enjoys life and likes to have fun! She might be a little crazy, but she has the joy of the Lord in her heart and she tries to put a smile on everyone’s face (where else would she put it?!). Life is too short to be a sourpuss all the time!

Doris is single and she does taxi driving for a living. She also enjoys doing book-keeping and anything that has to do with computers, words, numbers, typing, etc.

Doris feels that God gave her an understanding heart and listening ears for those that are hurting. She may not have the answers for what they are going through but she can listen and offer encouragement. It has been her dream/desire to provide a safe place where others who are hurting, need a place to live (for whatever reason), etc. can come and find freedom, rest, and refreshment that will enable them to continue on their journey of life.

A few simple pleasures she enjoys – a walk in the woods or along a river/lake, holding a small child, reading to a child, listening to the stories of the elderly, sight-seeing/scenic boat and/or train rides, listening to Bible stories/hearing someone explain/teach Biblical truths, quilting, crocheting, embroidery, cooking, general housekeeping, reading a good book, spending time with a friend, a good massage, phone calls/letters from her 6 nieces and 13 nephews, etc. She is sure there are other things she enjoys, but that’s her list for now! 

Haroon Jarj – Director of Operations in Pakistan and Dean of Rain Acadamy.

Haroon resides in Faisalabad, Pakistan. He currently resides in his own home with his wife Honey and son Lance.

In October of 2021, Haroon married his wife Honey after a courtship of two years.

In July 2022, Honey gave birth to their son, Lance Nathaniel.

In January of this year, Haroon and his family moved into their current home.

In April 2023, Haroon with our support, officially registered Rain Acadamy with the Pakistani government.

Ryan Daniels – Financial Adviser (Independent Ministry Partner)

Ryan Daniels is a native of Reading, PA.  After graduating from Muhlenberg High School, he attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  Upon graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Army where he served for 9 years as an Army musician and finished his service as a Sergeant.  He was stationed at Fort Wainwright, AK; Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea; and Fort Eustis, VA.  His greatest memory was completing the two-week Basic Mountaineering Course at the Northern Warfare Training Center in Black Rapids, Alaska and fly fishing in the Chena River. 

During his service, he completed his Master in Business Administration (MBA) and completed several financial licenses.  Working with a financial broker in Williamsburg, VA he found a passion for educating families about personal finance.  In hopes of giving back to the Reading community, Ryan and his family moved back to the area in 2019 and started RFinances.  Ryan is married to his high school sweetheart, Steph and has two daughters, Emily and Lyla.

As a financial coach, Ryan knows the difference a financial education can make for a family at any stage of their life.  He looks to continue to partner RFinances with organizations and people throughout the Reading community and beyond willing to host FREE educational workshops!  ​He strongly believes if people know better, they will do better.  Having a basic financial education can help a family avoid costly mistakes and have a clear path to their financial goals.