Our Work in Pakistan

In Faisalabad

The mission of Rain Academy is to empower and educate children who cannot afford to attend public school. Rain Academy will educate and assist these children in their lives and careers, enabling them to become capable citizens equipped to achieve their goals, dreams and destinies.

A Brief History

Approximately two years ago, in 2021, after being led by the Holy Spirit, Haroon began to teach the children in his neighborhood who couldn’t afford to attend public school.

In October 2021, Pastor Rob visited Faisalabad, Pakistan to be a part of Haroon’s wedding. At this time, he also met his family and some of the neighborhood children who Haroon has been teaching.

Shortly after, in the beginning of 2022, Robert L Weaver Ministries began to financially support his academy, as he called it, bringing it under the umbrella of the ministry. Haroon was then appointed as Director of Operations in Pakistan.

In March 2023, Pastor Rob flew over to Pakistan to visit Haroon and his family, as well as to minister to his students and give them gifts and supplies.

On April 12, 2023, Haroon officially registered Rain Academy with the Pakistani government. He was then appointed Dean of Rain Academy. He will also be hiring two additional teachers, bringing the Rain Academy staff to three. The Academy currently has 20 students and is growing.

In Toba Teksingh