Booze Shoes

Yesterday, a vision of an invention of something called Booze Shoes. This morning God gave me the same vision again.

Here’s how the vision went. There was two successful guys at a party of some sort, not sure if the party was in a bar or in a house. But they were at a party.

They were dressed nicely for being at a party. One of the guys was wearing black Nikes with a white swoosh on them. The other one, I think was wearing all white Nikes.

I could tell that they were college kids in their early twenties. They looked like they had bright futures ahead of them.

They were approached by two other guys who asked if they could sit with them. The two guys who approached the first two were also well dressed and inviting.

Then the second two guys started a conversation with the first two guys and during the course of the conversation, they brought up an invention called booze shoes. They said that they helped you to get drunk faster and have a good time at parties. The went on and on about how comfortable they are.

They then said that they were both wearing a pair now. That’s when they showed the first two guys the shoes they were wearing.

The shoes the second two were wearing were brown in color. They had a form fitting silhouette to them.

They got the first two super hyped about these booze shoes. That’s when then they asked them if they would like to try them on.

The first two said that they would. The first two then told them that they needed them to help them take them off because they were to drunk to take them off themselves.

So the first two guys took the booze shoes off the second guy’s feet and put them on. They commented how tight and form-fitting they were.

As soon as they put them on, they instantly started to become super drunk.

The second guys said that they should fit tight.

At first the two guys who put on the booze shoes were having fun from the feeling the booze shoes gave them. They were partying it up, drinking, dancing, etc.

But after a while they didn’t like how drunk the booze shoes were making them. So they decided to find the two guys how gave them the booze shoe to get their shoes back. So they could leave and go home.

At first, they couldn’t find the two guys. But they finally found them. When they found them, they were just about to leave the party.

When they did, they told them that they didn’t like how the booze shoe made them feel. They then asked them how long this drunk feel was going to last.

They replied, forever. That the booze shoes would release enough alcohol to keep them drunk forever. The first two answered “We have bright futures ahead of us. We can’t be drunk forever! Who wants to be drunk forever?”

That’s when they first two guys looked down and noticed that the second two guys were now wearing their shoes.

They then shouted at them, “why are you wearing our shoes!” “We never said that you could wear our shoes!”

The second two guys replied “They are our shoes now!”

The first two replied “What are you talking about? They are our shoes. Give them back! We want to leave and go home. We have a test tomorrow.”

The second two said “No WE have a test tomorrow. Your shoes and your futures belong to us not. Just like your shoes belong to us now. Those are your shoes now and this is your life from now on.”

They then started laughing at the first two guys.

The first two yelled “NO! We don’t want to wear these shoes or stay here anymore!”

They then tried to take off the booze shoes that they were wearing but they wouldn’t come off now matter how hard they tried. And the more they tried top take them off, the tighter and tighter the booze shoes became and the tighter they became, the drunker they made the two guys became.

They yelled out “What’s happening? Why won’t they come off! Get them off us! Why did you do this to us?!”

The second guys laughed maniacally at them and said “We didn’t do anything to you. You willing put those shoes on yourselves. And now this is your life now. See ya!”

The second guys then turned and left the party.

When the first two guys tried to follow them, the booze shoes wouldn’t left them leave the building the party was in. The booze shoes then began to force the two guys wearing them to dance, drink and party against their wills forever.

I could hear there souls begging to stop but they couldn’t.

The second two guys who tricked the first two went on to live out the lives the first two should have lived.

I know that this is a weird vision and sounds more like a bad episode of the Twilight Zone. But I has an important meaning.

The party represents the world. The first two guys are just people living their lives. The second two guys are evil spirits bent on destroying people’s lives.

The booze shoes represent the desire to fit in, to try something new, covetousness. In other words sin, the distractions of this life. The first guy’s Nike shoes represent the future God had for them. Nike represents a messanger.

Just like they second two guys were able to trick the second two guys into putting on the booze shoes by making them seem like they would help them have the time of their lives. That they needed them in order to really have a good time.

So Satan and his demons will try to sell you many things by telling you that you need this in order to be truly happy. They will try to get you caught up in the affairs of this life, with stress, anxiety, fear, clothes, jobs, cars, controversies, sex, porn, drugs, etc.

Whatever it takes to rob you of the future and life that God created you to have. They will try to take and live the life you were meant to live. Not that’s its possible for them to live your life. But they will try to keep you from making a difference in this world.

Not being able to take off the booze shoes represents addiction and not being able to get free from what is holding you captive.

Just like the first two guys couldn’t take the booze shoes off or stop dancing, drinking and partying against their will, so we can’t get free from the addictions, worries, and controversies – the sin(s) that hinder us.

But don’t lose heart, There is someone who can set you free. There is a Savior who put on your “booze shoes” and wore them to the cross in you place.

If the first two guys in my vision had only thought or knew to cry our to Jesus, He would have immediately appeared in the room and knelt down and cut those booze shoes off and destroyed them. He also would have forced the second two guys (the demons) to give the first two guys their shoes back. And destroyed those demons.

If you call out to Jesus, He not only will sent you free from all that binds you, He will also give back to you everything that Satan, his demons and this world has stolen from you – including the future and live God created you to live.

All you have to do is ask. As it is written: All who call upon the Lord will be saved. Jesus said “He who sins is a slave to sin. But he one who the Son sets free is free indeed.” Jesus also taught us “The enemy (the Devil) comes to steal, rob and destroy. But I have come that they may have live to the fullest.

So if you’re finding yourself held captive to an addiction, worry, fear, etc., Just ask Jesus to set you free and show you the way out. It may take time, but He will deliver you from it.

We are here to help as well. If you need prayer or support, feel free to reach out.

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