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Keynote Speaker

Robert Weaver creates an engaging and purposeful presentation by blending his humor and unique insight that will make your organizations event memorable and impactful.

Robert L. Weaver gives talks on a variety of topics where he blends his personal experience, humor, and wisdom he receives from the Holy Spirit. Such topics include:

  • Living with Tourette’s
  • What is Tourette’s
  • Dealing with the stigma of Tourette’s
  • Treatment Option
  • Dealing with Life After Abuse
  • Finding your worth
  • Undoing the bad programming
  • Learning to trust again
  • Finding Humor in every situation
  • Learn to laugh instead of getting angry
  • Using humor to turn a situation to your favor
  • Look for the humor in the situation
  • The Power of Forgiveness
  • Learn to let go of the past
  • Why forgiveness sets you free
  • Bitterness will turn you into the person you hate

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