Remember the Lonely.

Over the last few days, we taled about three things God is trying to teach us:

  1. To reassess our lives
  2. To remember the little things.
  3. We reeps what we sow.

Today, we’ll adress that last thing God is trying to teach us through this virus: Remember the lonely.

God is using this time to show us what it’s like for those who are lonely. Those who live in nursing homes, those who do not have any family or friends to check up on or visit them, and the abandoned.

Since we’ve all been stuck in our homes for the last few weeks, we all know how they feel. Especially those of us that are single and live alone or with one other person who is an essential worker who isn’t home much.

This is how these people live everyday. They are often forgotten by their loved ones – if they have any at all. They sit day after day wishing someone would visitg them and just be there for.

Wheither they live in a nursing home or live home alone, they feel neglected, abandoned and unwanted. They just want someone to care about them, listen to them and just be there for them.

No one wants to be forgotten or ignored. We all want to feel needed, wanted or to be included. No person is an island. We all need socialization – to belong.

Jesus came to lift up the broken hearted and comfort those who mourn (Isaiah 61:1-3).

He wants us to be a light to the lonely. To be there for those who need someone to talk to and be there for them. To show them that thery matter.

So when this is all over, we need to go visit that friend or relative who lives alone, the ones who live in nursing homes or assisted living homes. We need to look for and include those who always seem to be sitting alone.

We must take the time to just sit and listen to them and make them feel special. To show and demonstrate to them that they matter. To include them in our plans and our circles.

To help them develope their social skills, God-given abilities and talents. To help them figure out how they fit into God’s plan and Kingdom.

To just listen to what they have to say and to teach us. God has a lot of lessons through them and teach them through us.

The is exactly what Jesus would do. He was always going out of His way to show people that they matter. Remember the demon posseessed man? Jesus crossed the Sea of Galilee just to deliver that man and show him that he mattered (Mark 5:1-20).

It is our job as the Sons of the Most High to be a light to those around us; to show them that their lives have value and meaning.

Let us not forget this very important lesson that God is teaching us during this time. Let’s not forget how lonely and isolated we felt, now matter how little or much it was, during this time. Let it sink deep into our hearts, and minds.

We should have been doing this all along but it is even more important that we start to do it now.

So next time you and your friends go out to a movie, invite someone along that normally gets left out. When you’re playing basketball in the park, invite the person you see sitting alone to join you. Go out of your way to include those who other people overlook or purposely exclude.

Jesus called us when we were excluded from His Kingdom, and excluded from the world. Freely we have freed, freely we must give (Matthew 10:8).

Well, you get the idea.

So in summery, lets go ovet the four lessons God is trying to teach us again:

  1. We must reassess our lives.
  2. Appreate the little things we take for granted
  3. We will reep what we sow.
  4. Remember to include the lonely and rejected and make them feel special.

Let God burn these four lessons deep into our beings.

These are just the lessons I feel God teaching us during this season.

What lessons has God been teaching you through these events? Please let me know in the comments. Let’s help each other grow, God after all, does speak through others.

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