Supporting Our Fellow Ministers

Noah Blake Wood

Hello guys. I came from a lot of bondage and drugs but the Lord forgave me and encountered me, radically delivered me and set me free. I am no longer in bondage to the strong man and the evil one, but I’m on top as the head conquering with my Father, being a light in the world. My goal is to spread the gospel to everyone in every nation and spread the love of God that he has given me.

Noah is a missionary who has been used to spread God’s word to China, Nepal, India, and Indonesia.

Please keep him in your prayers as he follows the Father’s calling on his life.

John Peters

John Peters is a dynamic, enthusiastic and joyous minister. John served in the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. He continued working in the medical field for many years. After raising his family, John became an ordained minister with Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas.

John has been a foreign missionary to Africa, served as a senior pastor and had a prophetic teaching ministry. Right now, John is focusing on his prophetic ministry to speak God’s word to bring edification, exhortation, and comfort to others.

John is a faithful husband, father, and grandfather. He is a mature speaker with over 40 years of experience.

Please pray for John as he follows the Holy Spirit’s leading.

Matt Gold

Matt Gold lives outside Denver, Pa. Matt likes to work on cars, radio-controlled vehicles, drones, and various other electronic devices.

Technical Sergeant (TSgt) Gold is currently serving in the Air Force.

Matt is the owner of Gold’s Automotive Repair and DIY Shop auto repair (240 South State Street Ephrata, Pa}.

Contact info:

Phone 717-863-5110 Website info@goldsautoanddty,com Facebook GoldsAutoandDIY

Please keep Matt in prayer.

Ryan Daniels

Ryan Daniels is a native of Reading, PA.  After graduating from Muhlenberg High School, he attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  Upon graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Army where he served for 9 years as an Army musician and finished his service as a Sergeant.  He was stationed at Fort Wainwright, AK; Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea; and Fort Eustis, VA.  His greatest memory was completing the two-week Basic Mountaineering Course at the Northern Warfare Training Center in Black Rapids, Alaska and fly fishing in the Chena River. 

During his service, he completed his Master in Business Administration (MBA) and completed several financial licenses.  Working with a financial broker in Williamsburg, VA he found a passion for educating families about personal finance.  In hopes of giving back to the Reading community, Ryan and his family moved back to the area in 2019 and started RFinances.  Ryan is married to his high school sweetheart, Steph and has two daughters, Emily and Lyla.

As a financial coach, Ryan knows the difference a financial education can make for a family at any stage of their life.  He looks to continue to partner RFinances with organizations and people throughout the Reading community and beyond willing to host FREE educational workshops!  ​He strongly believes if people know better, they will do better.  Having a basic financial education can help a family avoid costly mistakes and have a clear path to their financial goals.

Haroon George

Haroon George known as sir Haroon.. 21 years old and has been putting his efforts in to empower the new generation and wants to direct them on the path of righteousness. He has many students as he has been teaching orphans and needy poor children for 5 years without any fee. He has got his education by himself. No-one helped him at the time he was in need and he completed his study while doing work as a sweeper in a factory where he worked day and night. He never gave up and he is passionate for his goal. He wants to build a school for their kingdoms. He calls his people his own kingdom and he wants to educate them and wants to bring them out from crisis poverty and illiteracy.

Please join us in prayer for Haroon as he faithfully carries out the ministry that God has given for him to do.

Joel Lopez

Joel has a passion to see the supernatural manifest in the churches as a normal part of
Christianity. Joel teaches that relationship with God is the first step out of religion and
fellowship is the next step into reality. Throughout his life seeking and ministering to the Lord
Joel has had many encounters in the supernatural, released physical and emotional healing and
has helped to uncover the treasures behind God’s word. Joel believes that “on earth as it is in
heaven” is the Invitation for God’s standard on the earth available to every believer. As a
prophetic voice Joel has served as a Pastor under the leadership of Pastor Maribel Artola and
her Apostolic team at Fathers House Ministry Training Center in Reading Pa.
Joel is blissfully married, He and his wife Raechel have been blessed with a family of five. He
enjoys spending his free time with his family and expressing his creativity through designing for
his apparel company, Gadtribe.

Anthony Martin is a husband and a father of 2 darling girls. He has a history of a troubled abusive childhood and a dark past of 7 years in the occult. Prayers of his best friend brought him back to Jesus where he recommitted his life to Jesus again. He loves to cook and cater meals for others and mentor others as they seek Jesus for freedom from their issues. He is called to disciple others and has a vision for an intentional community where people can come live long term to work out their issues as they are surrounded by community and where they would also learn how to live like the church in Acts.
Dawn, Anthony’s wife, homeschools the girls and loves to sing. She grew up conservative Mennonite and had a loving family and a pleasant childhood. Her heart is to also minister to others with food and with song, and she shares the vision for an intentional community and discipleship.